Among Us Review


Nealson Arakaki, Editor

The hit indie title Among Us has taken over the internet in the past few months. It has been so successful that the game rivals the previous internet sensation Fortnite. Among us, which came out in mid-2018, started to become popular around mid to late 2020. It is hard for many indie games to become successful due to their lack of resources and small development teams this makes the claim to fame of Among us even more extraordinary.

With its unique gameplay which resembles the party game “Mafia” where there are 10 people, two of them are the imposters and the rest have to find out who the killers are or unique to complete all of their tasks. How the imposters win is by killing enough people until there is the same number of crewmates or the people who aren’t imposters are left. This isn’t the only win condition for imposters; they can trigger things called emergencies all over the map and if the crewmates don’t fix the emergency in the allotted time the game goes to the imposters.

This might sound unfair for the crewmates but they have some tricks up their sleeve as well. The ways the crewmates can win the game is to vote the imposters off or to complete their tasks. How the crewmates can vote off the imposters is one of two ways and the first way is to report a dead body. When an imposter kills the person they kill doesn’t go away with video game magic, the body stays there where they were killed. Both crewmates and imposters can report bodies which brings up a menu to vote someone out. This adds some strategy to the game if the imposter makes a sloppy kill and someone walks in on them they can blame it on the person who just came in. The menu brought up when a body is reported has everyone that is still alive and you can click on the person you think is an imposter can vote for them to go off. This will kill the person you won’t know if they were the imposter or not. At this time everyone can talk to each other either through the game chat or through third-party communications like discord or skype. They can discuss where the body was and who they think the imposter is and vote that person out. This is where the beef and potatoes of this game come in. The main strategy is how good of a liar or detective you are to either wiggle your way out of accusations and blame it on someone else or accuse a person with solid evidence. You live or die with your words and arguments in this game.

The other way crewmates can bring up this voting menu is by calling an emergency meeting. This is a red button where you will spawn after a meeting and sometimes at the beginning of games. Everyone gets one meeting per game including imposters but you have to be alive in order to press it. You can’t press the button for the first 10 seconds after a meeting or when the game starts or when an emergency is happening. The other way crewmates can win is by completing tasks. These are little mini-games scattered around the map and are different depending on the map. These can be from matching the same color wires together to emptying the trash. Speaking of maps, among us currently has three maps called Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus, with a fourth on the way called Airship.

Among us is a fun, simple, yet psychological game you can play with your friends at an affordable price only costing $5 on PC, and is free to play on iOS and Android devices.