Series Review: Pokemon Journeys: The Series

Series Review: Pokemon Journeys: The Series

Chansten Kaneakua, Series Review Writer

Recently, “The Pokemon Company” came out with a new series called “Pokemon Journeys: The Series.” I just finished watching the whole series and hear me out, between all of the previous series that was played a long time ago, this recent one is the best one yet! It was the most entertaining to watch, most interesting to see the personalities of new characters, and the new animations that Pokemon came up with were outstanding.

A boy named Ash Ketchum from Pallett Town goes to Vermillion City to see the grand opening of a new Professorʻs laboratory named Professor Cerise. With the new opening of Professor Ceriseʻs laboratory, a new trainer named Goh goes to get his first Pokemon. But then, Cerise offers a job at the laboratory as Research Assistant to Ash and Goh to “explore the world of Pokemon.”

Hear me out, this recent Pokemon series was the most entertaining series I have ever seen by far, and I watched almost every single season of Pokemon. “Pokemon Journeys: The Series” was released around the end of 2019 but part four of the series did not come out until the beginning of April 2021. The series involved many new characters, Pokemon, and adventures for “Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town.” The animations of the new series are remarkable. They categorized Pokemon as an “anime television series” it really suits anime because of how the characters are proposed and the quality of each “move” of the Pokemon.

The most entertaining and wildest episode is when they have “Max Raid Battles.” If you donʻt know anything about the anime, “Pokemon Journeys: The Series”, or the video game “Pokemon Sword & Shield”, Max Raid Battles is when multiple people battle against one gigantic Pokemon. They also encountered legendary Pokemon and had to fight the people that we’re wanting to change the world into chaos, the battle was absolutely insane. Something that disappoints me about the series is that there aren’t any more parts related to that series. At the end of the series, I was so into it and I was really entertained by it but now knowing there isnʻt any more “parts” to the series makes me really disappointed and sad. I would rate this series a 12/10 because it was one of the absolute greatest.