Godzilla Vs. Kong

Movie Review


Brandin Lee, Writer

Godzilla vs. Kong is the newest hottest movie that is out right now. I’ve watched it and let me tell you, there are a lot of interesting points in the movie. This movie was a battle between two alpha male kings. It was filled with action-packed scenes and also backstories for the audience to help better their understanding of what’s going on. Here are my opinions about this new movie.

The plot of this movie is that there are these two gigantic alpha animals that face off in a duel against each other. It takes place in Tokyo, Japan. There was also a battle scene that happened in the ocean! The two main characters are obviously Godzilla and Kong. Basically, the reason they fight is because of the ancient history that the two species had. Since they’re both kings, they feel as if there can only be one.

There were many well-known actresses that were included in the movie. First, there was Millie Bobby Brown that played the character Madison. She is the actor that is in the very famous series called Stranger Things. Actor Rebecca Hall, who played one of the main characters was also included in the movie. It must’ve been a very difficult time trying to film in this movie, but overall the actors did a wonderful job in playing their characters.

I liked the action scenes of the movie. The director did an amazing job at including thrilling music to go along with each scene. The music built up the suspense and made my heart race with excitement. I also really admire the amount of high-quality graphics that were used in the movie. Of course, Godzilla and Kong were both CGI, but because of the high-tech graphics, it made it seem as if they were actually real.

The lesson I learned from this story is that you never know what has happened in their past. Throughout the movie they made it seem almost impossible to understand why they were even fighting against each other. I couldn’t wrap my head around why except for the fact that they were both considered “King.” Eventually, throughout the movie, it gives a backstory on the reasoning behind the battle between the two. I feel like others would also learn about it just like me. That we don’t really know what others have experienced in the past so we shouldn’t jump to conclusions about them.


Anyone who is a fan of the Godzilla and Kong series will love this movie. I would also recommend it to people who love action movies. I wouldn’t recommend this to people that don’t really like the build-up of stories. My MPAA rating of this movie would be PG-13. I say PG-13 because there is violence, but it doesn’t include anything really extreme. It was a really good movie and I recommend others to watch it as soon as possible.

Overall I would give this movie a rating of an A-. The movie deserves a rating of an A- because there was a great story behind the movie and it featured many exciting scenes. I feel like there could have been more back story moments and a better ending. Although, it was a very enjoyable movie to watch, and feel like many others would enjoy it too.