The 175th Commencement


The 175th anniversary of our founding is a significant milestone in our history as well as the history of Hawai’i.

King Kamehameha III granted the Catholic Mission 216.5 acres of land in ‘Āhuimanu, where the Sacred Hearts fathers established the College of Ahuimanu for the purpose of educating Hawaiian men to become teachers and religious for the Hawaiian kingdom. The theme for the 175th anniversary is “Ho’i i ka piko”, or return to the source. The Commencement therefore marks close to two centuries of graduates from this same institution and instills a sense of pride as well as gratitude for a legacy that has withstood numerous changes and periods in modern history.


We keep mindful that the school has survived and thrived by adapting and changing to fit the current times and to prepare for the future. 

In the second year of this global pandemic, Saint Louis again demonstrates its resilience and tenacity. Commencement Exercises for the Class of 2021 will adhere to social distancing regulations and procedures, and knowing that this Senior Class has not experienced the traditional ways of marking milestones in their final year at Kalaepohaku, we adjust our methods but do not forget our values and traditions that make this brotherhood unique. 

Every Commencement at Saint Louis is important; this year is made significant by the celebration of who we are and from where we originated. This is an important Native Hawaiian value in understanding not only yourself, but being able to understand those around you. This Commencement looks with special focus on those who came before us, and those who built the foundations for our school and those who rose to lead Hawai’i and their respective communities. 

Mr. Los Banos interviewed by Jonathan Ozeki