Crusader Bowling Team Captures ILH Title


Dreddin Villalpando, Editor-in-Chief

After a hard-fought season, Saint Louis Bowling brings an ILH championship back to Kalaepōhaku. They have performed well throughout the season, and  remain focused on capturing a state championship for Saint Louis. 

The Saint Louis bowling team put up a strong performance throughout the season, ending with an impressive twenty-eight victories out of thirty matches. Despite losing two games against Iolani, the Saint Louis bowling team won more games overall, awarding them the top ranking in the ILH which resulted in their capturing of the ILH Championship. 

Coach Chad Davis is pleased with his team’s performance and believes it is a terrific feeling to bring home an ILH title. Davis believes that winning the title was very beneficial in demonstrating that Saint Louis is more than just a football school and helps show that they have talent in other sports, such as bowling, as well.

It’s been a long and challenging season for the Saint Louis Bowling team, and Davis says it’s gratifying to see that his players’ dedication is beginning to pay off. Although, “there’s still a long journey we need to focus on and that is bringing home a state title for bowling,” says Davis.

With one more week and a few more practices until the state bowling championship on December 9th and 10th, Davis believes his team is ready. As part of the preparation for the state championship, Davis has scheduled two practices at The Alley in Aiea, where the championship matches will be held. Davis has done this to allow the team to acclimatize to their surroundings and the oil pattern on the track. “We just have to prepare mentally, stay healthy, and keep a positive mindset,” he says.

Davis is excited for the team as they head to the big championship and bowling their best . “Not only are we looking to win, but we want to make a statement as the Saint Louis Bowling team,” adds Davis.