Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Los Banos

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Mr. Los Banos is the Japanese III and AP Japanese teacher as well as the Dean of International Studies and works on Saint Louis’ accreditation. He works hard to teach the students by immersing them in the language meaning, he speaks mostly Japanese during class but uses English to make sure they understand what is being taught. By speaking mostly Japanese in class, it teaches the students to be used to hearing Japanese and ultimately helps them to understand the language. Being a part of the administrative team, he works on handling anything international and foreign language related. This consists of planning for traveling of Saint Louis students internationally and learning programs for foreigners who are traveling to Saint Louis School. For Saint Louis’ accreditation, to make sure that the school is in compliance for a licensure which determines if their diplomas are valid. He explains that he eased more of the administrative role over the years is because he earned a graduate degree and wanted to apply his skills. He spends an ample amount of time helping the school but also believes it is important to spend some time in the classroom because he feels there is a more direct impact on the students. Before spending 25 years at Saint Louis, he worked at the Zoo studying Herpetology. Handling everything reptile related including, maintaining, feeding, and caring for them. He then worked for the Japanese government, which dealt with International Relations and set up programs for both locals and foreigners. He would set up workshops about being from Hawaii and now in Japan to convey his thoughts to the locals of Japan what World War Two was like in his eyes. He even taught English at both middle and elementary schools in Japan. Now Mr. Los Banos is back at Saint Louis School and recalls, he never considered coming back to Saint Louis School or the slopes of Kalaepōhaku while he was a student.

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Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Los Banos