Marianist Moment September 2017


Adrian Bates-Domingo, Feature Editor

Being a Marianist Catholic School, we believe in the spirituality of Father Chaminade. In our lives today, we have “moments” of this spirituality, called ‘Marianist Moments’. I had a chance to sit down with Father Allen to talk about these moments and how they started. “Last year at the beginning of the faculty meetings every Friday, he (Mr. Michael Kekahui, in charge of academics) asked Father Pat and me to put together a Marianist Moment. Father Allen and Father Pat them shared something from Father Chaminade or the spirituality of the Marianists for about five minutes to start each meeting. The Fathers continued to do this all last year, but this year they agreed that they shouldn’t be the only ones to share these experiences. “There had been people on the faculty who had been here at a Marianist school for years and years, and they’ve been influenced by the Marianists.” Starting this year, the faculty members would give a Marianist moment to start each meeting. Many teachers have already shared their Marianist Moment, such as Mrs. Abrew, Mr. Los Banos, and Mr. Almadova in last month’s issue. Mrs. Abrew touches on how Mother Mary is a role model in her life, and keeps her to the best she can be. This was at a time when her son had just come back from the senior retreat Kairos. Mr. Los Banos spoke about the different beginnings of the Marianists, and how each one caused Saint Louis to develop and grow in the Marianist school it is today. Last month’s issue Mr. Almadova Marianist moment was shared, the story of his family. “That’s what a Marianist moment is, Father Chaminade has a spirituality, a way guiding people in their spiritual journey. Those are the things we talk about with the faculty each Friday, everything that comes back to Father Chaminade and what a Marianist is and how we influence the school.”