Good Bye Letter


Dear Juniors,

Im headed for Arizona State University (IYKYK)

I take with me my PC so I can play Fortnite

I leave behind my أسرة (Family)

I will miss the times where the quesadilla’s at the cafe came with fries`

I will not miss the beach

I will try to forget the time when I knocked Mr. Christians hat off of his head

I will always remember the times I clowned people

My advice to next year’s Seniors

  1. Don’t take AP Calculus (Trust me its not fun)
  2. Don’t do any work in the second semester (Trust me college don’t look at that)
  3. Try your hardest in Religion class (Trust me)
  4. Take Stagecraft (Trust me you will learn a lot)
  5. “When it doubt factor Out” -Mr. Furuto 2015