President’s Newsletter – August 2018

President's Newsletter - August 2018

Aloha e Saint Louis School Parents and Guardians,

The 2018-2019 school year has begun and on behalf of our Saint Louis School Board of Trustees, our Marianist Fathers and Brothers, and our entire team of administrators, teachers, and staff, thank you for choosing Saint Louis School.

As you will see below, we had a very busy summer. From tournaments, competitions, professional development conferences, summer school, special events, and so much more, I am very proud of the fact that Saint Louis School is involved in a wide variety of activities. Making Kalaepōhaku the center of many events is something we are committed to at Saint Louis School because we understand the importance of students being exposed to new and exciting things. Exposure to diverse experiences creates “branches” in the minds of our students that make it easier from them to grasp new information that passes through. Some educators called this strategy “paired association.” It’s much easier to learn something new if we can connect it to something we already know.

On another note, I’d like to thank Mr. Casupang and our faculty and staff for doing a great job of preparing us for the possibility of Hurricane Lane hitting O‘ahu. Thankfully, that hurricane missed us for the most part; however, by working closely with Chaminade University and other schools like Sacred Hearts Academy, we were able to make a well-informed and timely decision to close school last week Thursday and Friday in preparation for the worst. Having lived through two hurricanes growing up on Kaua‘i, I know how devastating these storms can be. With so many people living in buildings with many floors, a direct hit would cause enormous problems for many people. Nonetheless, mahalo for your prayers because they made a difference in keeping the storm away from us. We will continue to watch weather forecasts closely as it is likely that more hurricanes will travel in the direction of the Hawaiian Islands in the near future. If one does, please know that we are well-prepared as a school to react swiftly when necessary.

This school year feels like it may be a very special one for us at Saint Louis School. Our enrollment numbers are high once again, with waiting lists in certain grade levels. Our teams are strong and our students are performing well individually, both in and out of the classroom. As I watched our two Crusaders Sean and Tanner at the Little League World Championship, I couldn’t help but be proud of the way they held themselves with so much humility, kindness, and joy. I see the same with Tua at the University of Alabama and with Marcus in Tennessee. There is no doubt that much of the credit for the way these Crusaders handle themselves goes to good parenting and coaching. However, it is my hope that in some way, shape, or form, the years these young men have spent on the slopes of Kalaepōhaku have helped them to grow into gentlemen who display a balance of quiet confidence and humility. That delicate mixture of being both mindful and faithful is what our Marianist fathers and brothers have taught their students for more than 200 years, and it is my opinion that our Marianist tradition of education is one of the main reasons those characteristics are embedded in the young men of Kalaepōhaku.

Have a great school year!

Memor et Fidelis,




Dr. Glenn Medeiros, Hon.’18


Members of our Civil Air Patrol paid tribute to our fallen heroes at Punchbowl Cemetery at the end of last school year.


Our 2018-2019 L.I.F.E. Team traveled to California and received training in servant leadership with the goal of helping their Crusaders grow spiritually at SLS.


Members of our Hui O Nā ‘Ōpio performed at an event to honor Kitty Sullivan and the St. Francis Healthcare System.


During our Summer School Program at Saint Louis School, students learned coding via the use of computers.


Several of our teachers flew to Chicago over the summer to attend the ISTE Conference – the leading conference in the U.S. for teachers who are searching for new ways to utilize the latest technology in the classroom.


We took time to pay tribute to the Thompson family and their son, who passed away when he was a Senior at SLS many years ago, when the tree adjacent to his plaque was planted and is now fully grown.


Christopher Sykes, now attending Dartmouth University, shares his views with members of our SLS Board of Trustees about the six core values we strive for: Akua, Academics, Alaka‘i, Athletics, Aloha, and the Arts.


Each summer, Sister Anne Claire from St. Patrick’s School trains our teachers in the use of a unique, research-based approach in cooperative learning. In this picture, we are pointing to the section in our school seal that represents our shared Sacred Hearts roots when Saint Louis School started as ‘Ahuimanu College in 1846.


This year marks 43 years of our very successful exchange program with students from Japan.


Kumu Keli‘i Puchalski and the members of Hui O Nā ‘Ōpio travelled to Japan to perform there for the second year in a row.


Last school year’s salutatorian, Colby Chock, ran for office, making us very proud.


During the summer, we named the inside of the Main Office in Bertram Hall the D. Otani Family Business Center in appreciation for all the Otani family has done for Saint Louis School.


These three Crusaders were honored at an awards ceremony by Matt Levi for their work in and out of the classroom.


Thanks to donations by Dwight Otani and Jerry Wu, the newly renovated and often utilized Ho‘okipa Room was used to welcome our new members to the SLS Board of Trustees.


Over the summer, SLS hosted our first international robotics tournament with participants from several countries.


Our scholarship recipients took the time to meet and eat with various scholarship donors this summer.


Members of our Hui O Nā ‘Ōpio guarded the new Kamehameha III statue and performed at its opening ceremony.


A benefit concert for SLS’s STEM program called upon its graduates who are now professional musicians to perform. Pictured here is an image of SLS graduate George Helm while, on stage, his niece Raiatea Helm sings Hawaiian Soul.


Pictured here are our summer school students who put on a fantastic play in Mamiya Theater.


Our students were asked by Bishop Silva to be a part of the 175th celebration of Our Lady of Peace Cathedral.


During Picture Day for our football team, this student proudly displayed feathered headgear passed down to him from his Native American grandfather.


A fabulous presentation was made to our faculty and staff by one of the nation’s leading experts on how boys learn best.


Our Crusader actors continued honing their craft this summer by taking part in the musical “Newsies.”


Here our teachers are dancing at the end of a week-long professional development session, prior to the start of school.


It’s now become a tradition for our Crusader brothers to help open car doors during morning drop-off.


Our first assembly of the year was amazing! Our students were attentive, respectful, and prayed together as seen here.


Our Kindergarten class got working right away!


These Middle School students wait patiently for the first bell to ring.


The 2nd graders pictured here are getting lined up for Morning Assembly.


Our Middle School students did a great job of standing at attention when we walked into their classroom.


Our high school students quickly greeted my team of administrators as we walked into each classroom.


We have two male cheerleaders this year! Go Crusaders!


Our SLS Crusader Band is growing this year, with more students signing up.


During mornings, members of our NHS and football team help to tutor our keiki Crusaders.


I stepped in for a bit to see our ESL classroom, and all of the international students there were very engaged in learning.


This year, we have the distinction of adding two more Marianists to our faculty. That makes six all together, which is the most of any Marianist school in the nation. Say “Hi” to Brother Joe!


Our 6th graders did a wonderful job at their Campus Ministry retreat.


Our teachers are treated weekly to bread and coffee in their newly renovated Faculty Lounge and Workroom.


Our Big Brother program, linking high school Crusaders with lower school keiki Crusaders, has been incredible to watch.


Our 2nd Graders did a fine job at Mass! They look like such gentlemen with their ties on!


These Crusader gentlemen are looking great, coming to school with their ties on too!


Every Friday morning our elementary school teachers meet while students are experiencing their Exploratory Wheel!


Administrators meet with new faculty members at least once per week until they are fully comfortable.


After school last week, I visited our Rifle Range and saw our Crusaders preparing for the next tournament.


At the end of each week, faculty members hold hands, pray and sing together as seen in this picture.


Starting this school year, we reinstated Mass before every football game. I know our football players appreciate it.


Our football season is starting well, with two big wins and a national ranking! Crusader Strong!


Let’s continue to show support by bringing the entire Crusader ‘ohana to our football games!


Father Allen and Father Pat are joining me on the field this year to bring some special good luck to our team!


Congratulations, Sean, Tanner, and their teammates and coaches for winning the Little League World Series Championship with humility and class!