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SLS Homecoming 2018-2019

October 5, 2018

The homecoming theme for the 2018-19 school year was Crusaders through the decades. Each class created a cheer, a dance, and competed in many different games throughout the week. After all was said and done, the final rankings ended up with the following placements:

  • 1st: Seniors
  • 2nd: Freshman
  • 3rd: Middle School
  • 4th: Sophomores
  • 5th: Juniors

Seniors: C/O 2019

The Seniors chose the 1990’s as their decade.

The Seniors Placed:

  • Cheer: 1st Place
  • Dance: 5th Place
  • Banner: 2nd Place



Juniors: C/O 2020

The Juniors chose the 1970’s as their decade.

The Juniors Placed:

  • Cheer: 5th Place
  • Dance: 2nd Place
  • Banner: 5th Place


Sophomores: C/O 2021

The Sophomores chose the 1950’s as their decade.

The Sophomores Placed:

  • Cheer: 2nd Place
  • Dance: 1st Place
  • Banner: 3rd Place

Freshman: C/O 2022

The Freshman chose the 1980’s as their decade.

The Freshmen Placed:

  • Cheer: 3rd Place
  • Dance: 4th Place
  • Banner: 4th place

Middle School: C/O 2023-25

Middle School chose the 1960’s as their decade.

Middle School Placed:

  • Cheer: 4th Place
  • Dance: 3rd Place
  • Banner: 1st Place


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