Meme Review: Discord Memes


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The meme that has been all over social media, the “discord meme” is a type of hilarious selection of videos that many people watch daily.  The videos are using an app called discord. 

Discord is an app created to allow people to join a server where they can chat and talk to others that join the same server as you.  It helps people around the world communicate and connect using their computer or mobile device. It is mostly used by video game players and streamers to talk to a friend or teammate while they play the game at the same time or to chat with someone at the same time.  These brilliant meme creators used the app in a way no one would have ever expected.

They do small skits that only a specific audience would understand; they use characters names and join the server, playing that character the person acts in the skit and makes funny jokes.  Every video is well thought out executed to perfection to make it make sense but also to be entertaining. It is usually memes with dark humor or just some funny jokes that make the whole skit. The characters they use complete the meme as a whole. The creators use people from history, characters from movies and TV shows, and many other famous names of people.  These videos are mainly shown on the app Tik-Tok. Tik-Tok is an app that is a type of social media, where you post videos you make yourself for your audience to see. You can edit the videos and put music to them like how they did with the discord meme to make it entertaining for the viewers. The meme was also posted on youtube, a website most of you probably already know.  This is where they got most of their views since youtube is one of the most popular, especially for videos.