Talking about the future

Darryl Wakinekona-Meyer

Talking about college is a very important part of every high school junior and senior’s life. This is the time to decide whether you’re going to college or not and deciding which college to attend. This can be a very stressful time for any student trust me I know, but that’s why our school offers us many opportunities/events to help us decide; including college talks. These are when we talk with a representative from that certain college and they talk to us about the many possibilities they have to offer.  

Now to even be able to sign up for one of these college talks you’d have to speak with our college counselor Mrs. Shimabukuro who is our college advisor who plays a major role in helping us with our applications etc. I just recently attended a college talk for UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas); this is one of my main choices because of its diversity and scholarship opportunities; he also talked to us about the living areas, various meal plans, and also asked us what we are interested in studying/majoring in. He also said they pride themselves on their diverse student body from not only different ethnic groups but also different countries. I found this talk to be very helpful because he also offered to help guide us through the application process and help with the scholarship opportunities. 

Overall, I believe college talks to be very informative and helpful in deciding whether or not we want to attend that college. They give us a sort of insider look at all the positives and even the negatives. It also helps to get yourself acquainted with a member of that school’s admission team/staff and be able to impress them. So consider attending one of the colleges’ talks our school has to offer and see whether those schools really for you or not.