Senior Spotlight: Issiah Scarborough


Joshua Agua

There are many students at Saint Louis School. However, one of the top students here at Saint Louis is Issiah Scarborough. Issiah is a student-athlete while also participating in school plays. Not only that, but while doing all the aforementioned activities he still manages to remain in high academic standing in school. Issiah’s favorite subject in school is digital media. When asked, “Why is this your favorite subject?” Issiah responded, “I learn various skills such as presentations and public speaking. I like to learn about these types of things because they can be applied later on in life.” 

Issiah is also apart of the Saint Louis’ Center for the Arts. His first performance was in the Sacred Heart’s production of “Frozen Jr.” where he played the role of Sven. Issiah enjoys the community and bonding experience you get when joining theatre. He likes the fact that he also gets to meet new people. This was a new experience for him. He enjoyed going beyond the norm. When he is on stage, he doesn’t get distracted by the audience and is very focused on what he needs to do. To manage school and theatre, Issiah doesn’t procrastinate. He has a lot of late nights. He wants to get his work done with his little amount of free time. He says, “Grades and school are of great importance to me.” There are also times he finds hard to manage his work, depending on the workload he receives. However, he always finds a way to complete his work. 

Issiah is also an athlete. He partakes in the Saint Louis Lacrosse team. He joined this team when he was a sophomore and has continued working on his craft ever since. “I love the comradery and support of being on the field with my teammates, it’s still a new sport at Saint Louis and it’s a lot easier to understand with the support of his brothers.” Issiah is also apart of many clubs at Saint Louis. He is the Vice President of the N.H.S. or National Honor Society. Issiah states, “I make sure everyone does their job properly and on schedule so that we can have a successful club.” Issiah is also apart of the Saint Louis L.I.F.E. Team or otherwise known as the “Living In Faith Experience.” “I enjoy getting closer to God while at the same time getting closer to my brothers, I hope that our younger brothers also consider joining the L.I.F.E Team,” said Issiah. Issiah is also apart of the Spanish Club at Saint Louis. He enjoys learning about Spanish culture and heritage while also doing hands-on learning. Finally, Issiah is apart of the International Club. “I enjoy learning about all cultures and ethnicities of the world and how they go through their daily lives. 

However, it’s not all work with Issiah. Outside of school Issiah is a helpful worker. He helps his mom with their dog sitting business. At times he can have as much as 10 dogs he has to walk and take care of. However, Issiah even though busy, likes to relax. He finds relaxation in watching Netflix. Issiah’s favorite shows are The Office, BoJack Horseman, Daredevil. 

Finally, there is a quote Issiah lives by, “Do not pray for easy lives, my friends. Pray to be stronger men. I live by this quote because life isn’t gonna get easier, so toughen up.”