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August 2017: Where are they now?

August 29, 2017

Gino Dawiczyk 2017

Gino is now studying at Temple University in Tokyo! The son of math department Chairperson Martha Abrew, he also scored a 5 on AP Japanese during his junior year at SLS and continues to keep his interest in Japanese language and culture. Also with him as Temple U freshmen are Sotaro Shimamura and Maiki Tanaka.

Byung Hee Chun 2012

Completed his internship at Bank of Hawaii’s main branch this summer. He is now completing his final term at Cornell University, majoring in international finance. Byung Hee was a high achiever while at Saint Louis, not only serving as student council president, but also attaining the title of top ten best mathematics student in the world for 2007.

Ethan Murao 2009

Welcome back from tour of duty in the Middle East! Ethan is one of three sons of kindergarten teacher aide Ms. Lynne Murao; his brothers Ennsen and Evan are also Crusader alumni.

Sean Barney 2004

Currently with the UC-Davis Medical Center, Sean is a professional bodybuilder in his spare time, and this summer placed first in his class at a northern California competition. Sean was an accomplished ILH wrestler under the Crusader banner and continues to sport the red-and-blue logowear to this day.

Jonathan Spiker 2003

An attorney with the law firm of Koshiba Price Gruebner & Mau, Jonathan handles matters in the areas of business law, commercial transactions, commercial litigation, civil litigation, contract disputes, labor and employment law, health care law, and criminal defense. After earning his BA-Psychology from Harvard University, he added a MBA from UH-Mānoa, then completed his JD from the Richardson School of Law.

Keisuke Yasuda 2002

Tokyo native class of Yasuda Productions major sponsor of Merrie Monarch and recently hosted our own Halau Kawai’ulaokalā for five- city tour this past summer. While a student at SLS, Keisuke was already a member of Halau Kawaili‘ula and continues to be a strong supporter of Hawaiian culture as the premier promoter for big-name Hawaiian entertainment acts in Japan.

In Memoriam

Ernest Libarios 1987 

Alumni: how your contributions help

Saint Louis School has offered me opportunities in education and camaraderie that have shaped the way that I interact with the world. The qualities of a Saint Louis Man transcend high school, creating a personable, gracious, and God-loving gentleman in college and adult life.

Quinton Matsuo-Chun 2016, Baylor University, recipient of the Robert L.S. Wong ’44 Scholarship

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