Saint Louis School’s Distance Learning focuses on meeting Student Needs


Dreddin Villalpando, Editor-in-Chief

Saint Louis School Principal, Dr. Devin Oshiro, along with faculty and staff, continue to improve the system of distance learning in order to provide their students with an optimal online learning experience.

Saint Louis School is one of only a few schools still providing students with the option of distance learning or in-person instruction.  Pualani Paiaina, School Counselor explains that, “over a quarter of Saint Louis students are online and distance learning.” As the school continues to meet the needs of its students, Paiaina adds, “This is a significant rise from the first semester of this school year.” These numbers reflect the importance of addressing the needs of all students and ensuring that online students are provided with an effective and supportive distance learning experience.

Dr. Oshiro has been working on improving the distance learning experience for both students and teachers for several years and he has added new tools to his teacher’s arsenal each year. “With zoom and some of those tools that started coming out, what a difference from last year to this year, as a school,” notes Oshiro. “Some of the tools we provide them include higher quality laptops, giving teachers time to plan more, and we’ve provided online programs for them to use.” He constantly works to improve the online experience for both teacher and student and  to find ways to optimize the distance learning experience. Dr. Oshiro explains, “There are a few other things that we’re looking into to provide for next school year, in regards to online.”

In addition to the efforts of school administrators,  many teachers have also continued to adapt to the changes needed as a result of online learning.  Religion teacher, Soane Uiagalelei, goes above and beyond for all of his students and explains, “During every class, I put the online students on a projector in order for my in-person students to see their brothers online and vice versa.” He adds, “ I hold in-class discussions with both the online and in-person students so students can interact with each other.” These small things can positively impact how each student feels and keep them from feeling isolated and overwhelmed with online classes. Nicholas Reynon, one of Uiagalelei’s students says, “I actually feel like I am a part of his class, Mr. U has class discussions that include us online and we get to interact with our brothers.”

Dr. Oshiro and his faculty and staff have been working diligently to adapt, providing each and every online student with the best possible experience through distance learning. They have done a phenomenal job and continue to improve to meet the needs of both the in-person and distance learner.