Hamilton dazzles at the Blaisdell


Rustin Young, Staff Writer

     The Blaisdell Concert Hall  has been visited by Broadway. Hamilton, one of the greatest musicals to have ever hit the stage, arrived in paradise to bring their talents and passion to Hawaii.

     Many of the people going heard of Hamilton and its success. “Expectations were high,” shared Leilani Keola, who was attending the event with her husband. “I have heard so much about the show [and] seeing the show in person is just so much better than seeing it on television.”  

    There were many songs that were a part of the show. “ I like the [songs]” said resident John Steele.  “What I thought was neat was [when] they got on the turntable and reflected two different…thought processes of their situation.” The turntable floor and “sharp movements and syncopated choreography,” described Mrs. Keola, “was performed in unison” and made the show that much more special and interesting.

     Many of the characters play very big parts in this musical including fan favorites George Washington, King George lll, Thomas Jefferson, and of course Hamilton. “I like the head or lead position of authority,” said Steele.  Keola enjoyed how George Washington could sense the future and how he respected his position and authority. 

     A number of show-goers, like Steele, had never seen the Disney version.  After the show, everyone liked it. “I think they were phenomenal,” shared resident Elle Steele. “It was very well done!”