Étiquette Class a Crusader tradition before Prom Season


Rustin Young, Staff Writer

Spring is a very important season for high school Juniors and Seniors all around Hawaii – it’s PROM SEASON!  But what happens before the prom?   Historically, at Saint Louis, preparation for our Crusader gentlemen leading up to “the big event” focuses on one very important element —- Étiquette.

 For many years, Saint Louis has provided a mandatory etiquette class before every prom. Etiquette class has “been a really long standing tradition here at Saint Louis,” explains Kumu Kaipo Leopoldino, the Co-Divisional Coordinator for the junior class.  The etiquette class is there “ so that we can help prepare young men to be gentlemen of Saint Louis,” explains Leopoldino.

The focus of the Etiquette class is to embody “how we are supposed to act as Saint Louis gentle men,” explains Justus Sagocio,  “[like] being respectful to our dates, as well as the chaperones and other people around us” Sagocio adds, “ We had to pull out the chair for our dates … we had to crack the lobsters for them so they wouldn’t get dirty or anything and overall just check on them.”

Kumu Kaipo shared the many prom traditions which have existed at Saint Louis School for many years, including “ the receiving line, introducing their dates to our administration such as our principal, vice principal, and our class advisors,” explained Jordan Posiulai  He feels that the most helpful thing from etiquette class was how “to address our dates at prom and how we can have a better time.” Michael Joshua Price believes the most important thing to take away is how “Kumu and Ms. Souza [are teaching] us to introduce our dates to them. I feel like that really helped”.

The etiquette class is a very helpful and special tradition here at Saint Louis. Etiquette goes a long way in every aspect of life.  Kumu Kaipo says the best thing to take away from attending the etiquette class “is how to be respectful of your date, and ultimately, be a gentlemen”.