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SLS DirtBike Crew overcome “Obstacles while Riding”


At Saint Louis School, we value our students’ diverse interests and activities. Recently, a group of boys created a dirt bike crew, showcasing their passion and initiative.

Cypren Kaio, a senior at Saint Louis, is the driving force behind the dirt bike crew. His journey with dirt biking began at six when his father gifted him his first bike, a KX 65. When asked about his favorite dirt bike brand, Kaio talks about his love for KTM. He shares, “I’m drawn to everything about the bike, from its aesthetics to the power of the engine and motors, which makes it perfect for hard enduro trail riding.”

When asked about his favorite thing about riding, Kaio explains, “The thing I love most about riding is the ability to travel far. For instance, you can easily go from Pearl City to Mililani using the right trails.” Kaio also adds, “I enjoy the sensation of being free on the bike and the thrill of overcoming obstacles while riding.”

Starting a dirtbike crew can be challenging. Kaio has shared his experience, saying, “I had the desire to create a group of friends who shared my passion for riding. I used to ride with my uncles in my childhood, and the memories of that time are still with me today.”

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Being the crew leader isn’t always easy, either. Kaio has faced challenges: “There are a few, especially when riding with new riders or people who aren’t used to the terrain yet.”  Kaio adds, “But riding with new people is always a great time.”

Kaio shares a memory from riding the trails: “I remember a time when we were on the Helemano trails, and Kaiehu’s bike kept breaking down.” Kaio also explains, “No matter what we did, the bike wouldn’t start.” Kaio adds, “In the end, I had to tow him out of the trails, but he eventually made it back safely.”

Kaiehu Ahuna, a freshman at Saint Louis, is a member of the dirtbike crew. His dirtbike journey began at 6 when his dad got him a PW50 for his first bike. Ahuna explained, “ I liked the size and sound of it when I first started riding.” 

When asked about the first time he ever went riding. Ahuna says, “ I was four years old when I first went on my first ride. It was at this track back in Lihue.” 

When riding on hard, enduro-like trails, you are bound to experience a mixture of emotions. Ahuna explains, “I get mad when I have to pick up the bike and struggle because it is heavy and the terrain. But I’m also super happy when I can go fast.”

Ahuna had never been part of a dirtbike crew before. When asked what inspired him to join the crew, Ahuna stated, “Ola told me about it and asked if I wanted to ride one day. Ever since that first ride, it’s been nothing but great fun.”

Ahuna comes from a different background of riding motocross and track, which differs from the hard enduro style. He recalls his favorite memory: “My favorite memory is from riding at Helemano in Wahiwa, and my bike kept breaking down.” Ahuna adds, “Ola had to tow me back to the North Shore, but we fell into a ditch along the way. It was hilarious, but we had a lot of fun.”

Gabe Bustillos, who is currently a senior at Saint Louis, is a member of the dirtbike crew. He started his dirtbike journey when he was six years old. When asked about his first bike, Bustillos said, “It was a Yamaha 85, and I had a lot of fun practicing and learning how to ride it. I mostly liked the color and sound the pipe used to make.”

Bustillos began riding bikes on Kauai. He said, “I started riding in Hanalei and fell in love with it.” Bustillos has been riding for a long time, and it’s more than just a hobby for him. He loves being outdoors and enjoys the freedom that comes with biking.

Ever since Bustillos started riding on Oahu, he has encountered some pretty hard trails. His favorite place to ride is Helemano in Wahiawa. He describes the terrain as “super slick, and I love going up the Enduro hill climbs that they have at Helemano.”

When asked about his experience riding in Kauai. Bustillos says, “I had a lot of fun riding on Kauai, but I mostly rode with family members and never really with my friends.” Bustillos adds, “Now that I can ride with my friends here on Oahu, it has been an amazing experience, and I haven’t had anything quite like it before.”

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