Principal’s Newsletter – April 2018


Aloha Parents/Guardians,

I take this opportunity to remind you of the importance we place on service, justice, and peace. This is one of our Characteristics of Marianist Education in which we value being stewards of the communities in which we live. Our community service requirements help to nurture in our students the spirit of caring for others. We are proud of our students in the many ways they have found ways to provide service to the homeless, elderly, sick and in care of the environment.

Below are the requirements for each grade level. Throughout the year, your son has been given time each week in Advisory to upload his community service documents into Naviance. I invite you to check with your son about his status for his grade level requirements. Failure to complete hours by the deadline for Grades 6-11 could result in not being able to report to school in the Fall. For Seniors, completion of these hours is critical, as it is one of the graduation requirements necessary to participate in commencement. Homeroom teachers have included the status of hours in progress reports throughout the year. You may contact your son’s homeroom teacher or Mrs. Vegas for further information or questions.




Christopher Casupang ‘87


Community Service Learning Requirement

High school students must complete and provide documentation of community service hours to earn a diploma. Students who do not complete and properly document the required hours of service may not receive a diploma nor be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.

6th Grade  Must complete and document five hours of community service by April 30 of their 6th grade year.

7th Grade  Must complete and document 10 hours of community service by April 30 of their 7th grade year.

8th Grade  Must complete and document 15 hours of community service by April 30 of their 8th grade year.

Freshmen  Must complete and document 20 hours of community service hours including 5 HEEDS hours by April 30 of their freshman year.

Sophomores  Must complete and document 20 hours of community service hours including 10 HEEDS hours by April 30 of their sophomore year.

Juniors  Must complete all 20 hours of community service by April 30 of their junior year, including 15 HEEDS hours.

Seniors  Must complete all 20 HEEDS hours of community service by April 30 their senior year. Failure to complete the annual Community Service Learning requirement will deem a senior ineligible for participation in the graduation ceremony and will suspend the awarding of his diploma.

The deadline for documentation and completion of the 20-hour requirement per year is April 30 of that current Academic School Year. All hours must be properly documented on either the sponsoring agency’s letterhead or on the Saint Louis School Community Service Contract form, and must be posted electronically to the student’s Naviance account.


Congratulations to the Middle School Robotics Teams. Through local competitions, they qualified to compete in Nationals in Iowa and Worlds in Kentucky.


The creative work of Grade 1 highlighting 100 days of school.


The Ranger Challenge at Saint Louis focused on cadets new to the Ranger detail. Congratulations to our team placing 2nd.


One of our 5th graders here telling our story to encourage families to attend our Open House.


During Chaminade Service Day, our 7th grade went to a lo’i in Kaneohe.   


Fr. Pat guided our underclassmen through a recent retreat activity that focused on the challenges and distractions of everyday life.