Senior Spotlight: Kaulana Aniya


October 30, 2019

There are many great students at Saint Louis, however, there is no one quite like Kaulana. As a student-athlete, Kaulana continues to remain in exceptional academic standing which is difficult for a lot of students involved in extracurricular activities. Kaulana’s favorite subject is JROTC because he enjoys playing games during their recreation time. He finds joy in participating in many different activities such as football, ultimate frisbee, and basketball. Kaulana is more than just a student. He is also an athlete and a member of the Saint Louis football, paddling team, and track team. When asked about what he enjoys most about football, he replied, “Love the hitting the drills”. He particularly likes the physicality of the game and finds hitting people extremely fun. He is the starting corner for the Crusader and could not be more proud to represent his school with his outstanding performance.
Kaulana is a student-athlete and has even taken AP Biology which he described as a strenuous challenge. Although many students struggle to balance schoolwork with extracurricular activities, Kaulana displays his intelligence in the playing field and classroom. When asked, “How do you succeed in school and sports?” Kaulana stated, “It is a grind. I try to get all my assignments done before I go home so I won’t have to stress about it later”. Kaulana is a great student-athlete and is an embodiment of a Saint Louis man.
Kaulana has a life outside of education and sports. In order to relieve the stress of school, studying, practices, and games, he spends his weekends with his family and or friends. His number one go-to destination for relaxation is the beach. Kaulana also enjoys working on his truck and has discovered a new passion for automobiles.
Kaulana is a great role model for many students, and these are his words of wisdom:

“Don’t do drugs. Work hard and put God first.””

— Kaulana Aniya

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