Savage Mode II: Cop or Drop?

Album Review

Savage Mode II produced by Metro Boomin and 21 Savage is their most recent project since the first album Savage Mode, which broke many records back in 2016. In light of Savage Mode’s success, this album has a lot of expectations to be what the people nowadays call “hard” or catchy and good sounding.  This album gives the taste of if Halloween and rap got mixed together. If some of the songs didn’t already sound so dramatic already, they added voiceovers by Morgan Freeman. Freeman’s voice made the songs have a classy effect which made the album even crazier. Some songs that really stood out to many people would be “Many Men” which includes a sample from a well-known artist 50-Cent. Another song is“Snitches and Rats”, which gives you that hype feeling you need to motivate yourself to work harder or run faster. Lastly “Said and Done” is the type of song that makes you want to think of who is real to you and who is fake to you in life. This album fits many types of moods and tastes of music. You have either the “hard” dark side or the lighter side with an upbeat tempo. This album does follow under rap but it isn’t like any other mumbling rap, many of their songs have a lot of meaning and backstories behind them and it’s up to you to find out what the song actually means.

The evil man envies the good in others, what this means is all hatred is really born from hatred of self and can only serve to aid in one’s own destruction. This is the downfall of many men”

— Morgan Freeman