Advisory Changes


Daniel Ho, News Writer

Starting this school year, new changes have been made to the High School advisory procedures. In the past, High School advisory was very lenient and easy going.  With most students using the time for either studying or digital recreation. A new change has been made to the following advisory days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  These days are now being modified to make students more productive during the advisory period.  On Mondays students will build their community service records in Naviance, Wednesdays are dedicated to club meetings, Thursdays are reserved for reading, and Fridays are dedicated to “paying it forward.”  On Fridays, advisory classes will “pay it forward” by doing various works around the campus ranging from general upkeep to lower school collaboration.  Only Tuesdays will be kept as conventional study hall periods.  Although these days are being dedicated to a specific task, students may not need every advisory period on Mondays to update their community service records.  In events like these advisory teachers will have the final say in what will be done for the remainder of the period.  The last change being made to advisory is that students may no longer go to other classrooms for additional aid with their school work, extra help from teachers is now to be sought exclusively after school during tutorial periods from 2:30 to 3:10 pm.  These changes are being made to improve the students, to build character, and to promote selfless service.