TikTok Trending

With the holidays approaching and people preparing their festivities Tik Tok has blown up with Christmas related content using the trending hashtag #holidaycountdown. The holiday content provides a good positive vibe which is a “full 180” compared to the toxicity that came with content related to the recent 2020 election. Famous creators and businesses use this hashtag to post content that has to do with the upcoming holidays. Content with this hashtag would include: decorations, food, fashion, and comedy. Users would use this hashtag with many others and pair it with some holiday related songs. A few of these songs are: “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey, “Winter Wonderland/Here Comes Santa Claus” by Anna Kendrick and Snoop Dogg from Pitch Perfect 2.  Along with this, the next most trending hashtag is #whereilive. With the hashtag content creators would highlight the beautiful places in their country or state. From beaches, scenic viewpoints, to hikes, and cities. 


Aside from the trending hashtags the most trending sound on Tik Tok is the song “pov” by Ariana Grande. This song comes from her new album,Positions. Content creators would use this sound and input attractive and unattractive pictures of themselves. With these pictures they would match it with the lyrics by inputting their pictures at the same time the lyrics “for all of my pretty” and “and for all of my ugly” are sung. So go out there and get your renegade on. We would “love to see it from your point of view”.