Mentality is Key


Prince Solomon, Writer




Mentality is a big part of who we are as an individual. Our mindset separates us from the strong like lions and the weak, such as elephants. See elephants are humongous animals, however, their mentality is weak. When an elephant comes across a lion, it’s first instinct is to run. When a lion comes across an elephant, he thinks about lunch. The lion may not be the biggest, smartest, or the strongest but, it’s mentality is what makes a lion the most feared and dominant animal in the jungle.

Everyone has a reason for what they do. It represents their ‘why’ or purpose in life. Why they work so hard, why they get stronger, or why they stay alive fighting to survive and not letting their lowest points in life consume them. Their ‘why’ is a source of motivation to push themselves to limits they never knew existed. A wise man named Earl Thomas once said, “If your ‘why’ does not make you cry, it’s not big enough.” Your why should make you want to move mountains. That ‘why’ should be the reason you get up every morning wanting to better yourself and live a better life. 

When you have that mentality and are motivated with a powerful reason, anything is possible. The sky’s the limit because you have that drive to strive for greatness. That determination is what makes you dangerous. You can tellwhen someone has that mindset, like a lion, by their actions and the choices they make. A person with a lions mentality is Ray Lewis. His mother used to get abused when he was younger,so he persevered and worked to become strong enough to protect his mother. He decided that one day he would protect the one he loved and took action through working-out every day.

If your why does not make you cry, its not big enough”

— Earl Thomas