Plastic Pollution


Plastic has been around since 1907 and is going to be around for a while too. Ever since people started using plastic to make things such as cups, containers, bottles, bags, etc. most of this plastic waste would end up in the ocean. This was and still is a very bad problem in the world because we’re damaging marine life and also the environment that they live in too. Plastic started to end up on beaches and it wasn’t just little pieces of plastic on the sand it was millions of bottles, buckets, and so many other things washed up on the shore that you could barely see the sand. Some people have caught fish and when cleaning them they find their bellies full of plastic and other types of trash because they would be eating all that plastic that is taking over the ocean.

There are many solutions that we can stop plastic pollution such as finding other services where we can recycle plastic and reuse that material that will permanently stay out of our dumps and trash cans. We can take a stand with the plastic ban and make sure that all businesses use other materials than plastic for their items. The other ways come from you and how you would want to change the way you go to the grocery store. One way is to buy in bulk or in other words buy more of the same things in one go. The other way is to reuse bags and stop buying bags. We can keep reusing the bags we got from before and stop the throwing away of plastic bags which most of the time end up in the ocean.

We should eliminate this problem because a lot of studies show that if we don’t slow the plastic consumption and keep going at the same pace we will start to contribute to climate change. Eliminating plastic will also help us, people, too because plastic will mostly end up in the food we eat, and with that being stopped we don’t have to worry about eating a fish with a piece of plastic sticking out of it or going fishing and instead of catching a 100 pound Ulua, you catch a net filled with plastic. An important thing we should do is to make sure that the beaches are not filled with plastic and kept the same way it was when we were kids so that the kids now can experience what it is like to go to a beach without seeing trash and or not even being able to go swimming just knowing that the water is now polluted. We need to keep the land safe not just for us but for our younger generations and the generations to come.

“The most environmentally friendly product is the one you didn’t buy.” ”

— Joshua Becker