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Beau Aquino, Writer



Right person, wrong time doesn’t exist. I’ll tell you why; because they’re not in your life right now and if things didn’t work out, it didn’t mean it wasn’t the right time. It actually means the opposite. You were meant to meet them. You’re meant to have those memories. You were meant to break up from that. You learn your lessons and you grow from them. 




One of the many things that humanity possesses, that is our necessity to humankind is love. It is the root that touches the soul and the butterflies to your stomach. The power to go above and beyond but can damage one another.

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There’s a saying that, “love is like a drug.” It’s addicting, it makes you feel good, you have a great time with it but eventually, there will be a point where everything turns upside down and all is lost. Loving someone is a risk, you just have to determine if the chance outweighs the risk. 

Human Emotions 

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What makes us human is our emotions, therefore heartbreak is on a spectrum as well. Everyone experiences it in different circumstances. The more you are to give more love and to love “harder”, the more the heartbreak will hurt.  


Losing someone in our life resulting in a relationship or death is terrifying. Someone that you lost, there’s a part of yourself that loses that piece of you. When that happens, the next part that comes is grief. Most will go through it and eventually find a way out of it. However, for others, they block it, deny it, push their feelings away and take a different path. They run from pain and will try not to look back. 


Society Thoughts 


In this day of age, people are starting to become more closed off. They say to forget feelings and become heartless. When you tap into your emotions, you’re letting yourself become vulnerable and while it is true, tapping into our emotions will only cause us pain, so they say. 


Accepting Heartbreak 

The first step of going through a heartbreak is learning to accept it. We must accept what has happened. If somebody wants to walk out of your life let them go. Especially if you know you have done everything that you can. You sit around and be the best man or woman that you can be, let them go. 

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Everything happens for a reason


Everything happens for a reason.” We hear this quite often. Triumph or failure we say that everything happens for a reason. Let’s repeat it one more time, “everything happens for a reason.” Things won’t go according to plan but it happens for a reason. Saying “everything,” no one can pick and choose. The obstacles we will face in our life may break us physically and disfigure us, but they transform your soul and the reason that happens because God wants you to be the best version that you can be. 



Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain. Through all the adversity that life will throw at you, it’s up to you to decide how you deal with it. There are a lot of little reasons why the big things in our lives happen. Trust yourself. Take time to process and trust it. Have faith that the world is not against you.



“Love is the hardest drug to quit, but it is even harder when it is taken away.””

— Ashleyy