Fans Return to UH Games

Davion Fitchett-Grance, Features Editor

Hawaii is ready to hear the roar of the crowd in the stands once again! Recent announcements by Governor Ige and county mayors indicate that the state will now allow in-person spectators at athletic events. This is a welcome return to normalcy as it’s been two years since fans have been able to cheer on their teams while watching it live. In fact, many fans have noted that it’s been a lost part of the game, so they’re thrilled with the opportunity to return as spectators.

Dan Meisenzahl, a UH spokesperson, shared his views on the long-awaited return of  fans   to sporting events. “It’s great, I feel that it was a much needed component for the game and the process of getting fans took way too long,” notes Meisenzahl. “I feel that it means a lot more for the athletes. Having family to see  helps a lot. It’s good to hear the Warrior faithful get things rolling again.” 

Meisenzahl also added important details concerning the updated Covid-19 protocol which include digital options to assist fans attending athletic events. “We have an app called Lumisight where, a few days before the game, you upload your vaccination information where it will be verified,” says Meisenzahl.  “Then the day of the game, there are questions on the app that take 10-20 seconds about Covid-19 exposure and possible symptoms. Once you answer the questions, if there are none of these, the app gives you the all clear then you’re good to go.” 

Many Covid rules come into play at big events. Meisenzahl states, “It’s the same kind of rules as any other event, masks being worn at all times, No food or drinks allowed still yet. We’re hoping to get the concessions running again soon.”

With crowds returning to cheer on the teams, athletes now have the opportunity once again to feel the energy of the crowd. After enduring a long  stay-at-home order due to the pandemic, we can finally be out and celebrate our athletes whose families can now watch their sons and daughters  excel on the playing field.