The Fast and Furious Take It to Another Level


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Car enthusiasts are truly a different breed.  While many of us consider a vehicle simply a way to get from Point A to Point B, they take it to another level. With a distinct passion for automobiles and the industries that manufacture and supply them, these men and women put all their efforts into their love of cars.

“In general, driving is a great way to destress. Take a drive when you’re feeling upset or stressed; you’ll be able to think things through without the distractions of your phone or other people around you,” says Sean _____, a custom Lexus Owner. For some, cars are seen a little differently, “A large part of what makes driving enjoyable is the chance to see and hear new things. And if you have a car, you can do precisely that, and extending your horizons may help you enjoy driving even more.” says Kaulana, who owns a customized Subaru.

As they explore and see new possibilities, car enthusiasts dream of modifying their vehicles to their liking. “I drive a Lexus GS 350.  The style I enjoy seeing and desire translates to  “VIP” which, in Romanized Japanese, means ‘Bippu,’” referring to a type of automotive customization. Japanese premium cars have been reworked in this way,” explains Aquino. “No matter what we drive,  how we maintain our automobile, inside and out, provides others some insight into our personality.”

However, others enjoy the speed rather than the look of a car. “There’s only so much that I have done to my car. Being a car enthusiast is almost like a hobby, but an expensive and time-consuming hobby. Some modifications I have done (include) downpipe, air intake, headers, fuel injectors, boost controller, and widebody flares,” says Kaulana. 

Perhaps there are only a few pastimes where a passion may lead to a high-paying career,  and for these car enthusiasts, they plan to take their “passion for cars” to another level.