Behind The Idol Life


Nainoa Narciso, Staff Writer

Anakalea Monteih, a remarkable student-athlete, has always considered his uncle, Ke’ao Monteih, as an idol. With a great deal of respect, Anakalea considers Ke’ao to be someone he looks up to and holds in high regard due to his achievements and the legacy he has made on Kalaepohaku grounds back in 04’. 

With a great conversation, Anakalea shared his perception of why his uncle Ke’ao holds such an important significance in his life. “Growing up, I guess you can consider him as a second dad,” says Monteilh. 

Although it’s not the obligation of an uncle to raise their own nephew, Ke’oa does so at any given moment. “As I started my first year at Saint Louis, my uncle would pick me up early in the morning from Kapolei to Ewa,” recalls Monteilh. 

After commuting over considerable distances, from the west side (Kapolei) of the island to the town side (Waialae Ave), Ke’ao doesn’t stop there. “He would buy food for me and Kanoa to make sure I was never starving and ready to start practice right,” says Monteilh. 

However, there are, of course, occasions when Anakalea thinks he knows it all. “Sometimes I get frustrated at him but I rethink to myself that he only wants the best for me, so that’s why I push myself every day at practice,” recalls Monteilh.

All Anakaela wants is to give back to his uncle. “At the end of the day, I thank Uncle Ke’ao for pretty much everything, one day I hope to give back,” says Monteilh. “ If I had one thing to tell Uncle Ke’ao, it would probably be nothing but just a simple hug,” explained Monteilh.

Ultimately, Anakalea’s life has been profoundly impacted by Ke’ao in a variety of ways. “He has influenced not only my life but basically of my entire family,” says Monteilh.