Kicking the Competition


2022 Crusader Varsity Soccer Team


Another season is “in the books” for the Saint Louis Crusader soccer team. The Crusaders finished the season with a record of 3-6-1 and placed third in the Interscholastic League of Honolulu(ILH). Even before the season began, the Crusaders were confronted with hardship, which they addressed by giving it their all.

Dylan Osada, a senior Center Back on the Crusaders soccer team, would describe the season as a roller coaster ride. “Overall, the season was a roller coaster,” notes Osada.  “We had ups and downs. Although we had hard times, we, as a team, pushed through.”  “For example on August 22, 2020, Coach Nappy passed away and this was a big loss for us as a team and his son that played this year, Lason [Napuunoa],” shared Osada. Osada also says, “We dedicated this season to him. Sadly, we didn’t win States, but we sure put up a fight that he would be proud of.” 

Joshua Alcisto, another senior Center Back and one of the captains of the team, looks back on a memorable final season. “The overall season in my eyes has been fun and exciting. Being able to play a sport that I enjoy and love with my fellow brothers is what makes it what it is today,” said Alcisto.  “While our record is not the best, it’s the memories and lessons that we learn along the way that keeps my brothers and I committed to staying on the team,” says Alcisto. 

The soccer team set a goal to win the state title from the beginning of the season. Despite the fact that they lacked a scorer, they were able to make it work by scoring more than they did last season. “A goal that we had this year as a team was to score. Thanks to our coaching staff like Coach Rick and Austin, we all decided that we wanted to score more. Our biggest win this year was 3-0, compared to our last season where our biggest win was 1-0,” says Osada. 

The Crusaders had ten seniors, all of whom had made significant contributions. They took the initiative by taking charge of the team and ensuring that everyone on the team was giving it their all. “Our work ethic as a team was like no other, as we had ten seniors that would all contribute to the leadership and guidance of the team. Most of the seniors have been playing soccer with Saint Louis since the 7th grade… We were able to find ways to work together,” says Alcisto.  “We had to make a team that would work together to score a goal. Setting the example to many of the juniors and some underclassmen,” explained Alcisto.

Osada added that “The work ethic was left up to the returnees to lead and guide the team. As most of the team was new to this level of soccer, the more experienced and returning players had to lead.” Landon Dimaya,  a freshman, had significant knowledge of the game and made a notable contribution to the team.  “Dimaya not only lead vocally but also lead by example, even showing me a couple of moves. This goes to show that everyone was pushing everyone from the seniors even to the freshman.”

The Crusaders’ work ethic isn’t the only thing they’ll remember. The soccer team will never forget the memories they made during the season which will stick with them for the rest of their lives. As Osada looks back, he notes, “Some memories that I will remember from playing on this team is that ‘Anything is possible.’