Spring Athletics Comes to a Close

Davion Fitchett-Grance, Features Editor

Seniors Cyrus Bucsit and Matt Nakama have had a successful final SLS Judo season.

As spring sports come to a close, the judo and golf teams at Saint Louis School continued to thrive this past year and the future looks bright!   Cyrus Bucsit, a senior and member of the Judo team, shares what he most enjoys about judo.  “I get to compete and show off my skills, create bonds and friendships with my teammates.  I get to stay in shape and it is a fun way to be physically active.  It has taught me to be disciplined in many ways.” explains Bucsit.

Bucsit looked back on this year’s judo season.  “The Judo season is going better than I have planned it to be.  As I get deeper into the season and I am getting my groove and timing back, I start to fall in love with the sport of Judo.  States this week and I am really excited to compete in it.” notes Bucsit. 

Senior Dallas Grube-Hose enjoys his final SLS golf season.

Matthew Nakama, another senior on the Judo team, says,  “I enjoy working hard, hanging out with my brothers [and] competing both mentally and physically.  Playing judo is a very physical sport,” adds Nakama, who enjoys seeing the live crowds return. “The crowd erupting is a great feeling as well.” 

The Saint Louis Golf Team has also enjoyed a successful season!  Senior Dallas Grube-Hose enjoys the sport as a member of this year’s team.  “I’d say I enjoyed the process of getting better.  Getting my swing better with the coaches helped.  Golf is a good way to bring family together as well.  “I enjoy going to the driving range or on the course with my family.” adds Grube-Hose.

Nakama has enjoyed a great season.  “I’m looking forward to competing in states and hopefully placing first.  [I’m] proud of all of our guys putting in work to get to where we are today.” beamed Nakama. 

Grube-Hose learned a lot from playing golf and shares how the season went for him.  “Golf season for me was alright.  I could have done better if I had taken golf more seriously early on.” claimed Grube-Hose.

Another senior, Jadon Ligsay, focused on improving his game throughout the season.  “Learning every day about different approaches I can take to each shot is exciting.  Golf is evolving every year.  Seeing the technology that goes into the clubs nowadays is cool for me as well.” states Ligsay.

The members of the golf team appreciate the time in effort provided by their coach. “Our coach really helps us fine tune our swing.  This season could have finished better but overall it was a good season.” reflects Ligsay.

The future is most certainly bright for both teams at Saint Louis School.  The growth shown this past year by members of both judo and golf have sparked an enthusiasm that will continue into the future.