Welcoming 2013 Alumnus as New College Counselor!


Connor McIntosh, Staff Writer

Keenan Meyer, a 2013 Crusader alumnus, returned to Kalaepōhaku this year as the new College Counselor.  Meyer, who has been through the same process at the school, helps students and their families navigate the college admissions process. 

“I’m a resource for students here at Saint Louis to find scholarships and help fill out their applications,” said Meyer, and an opportunity “to make the application process for college easier and affordable down the road.”

 Meyer recalls his experience with his college counselor as a student at Saint Louis.  As he looks back on working with former counselor, Mrs. Pua Paiaina, during his college search, Meyer realizes how essential the College Counseling Office is to, as Meyer explained, “setting up students for success… while in high school.” 

Meyer will continue to promote the college prep path when meeting with students.  As some high school students across the country consider other options after high school,  Meyer believes it is important to encourage this path with both  younger  and high school Crusaders . Meyer emphasizes that, “From your Freshman year, all the way through, work hard, because colleges look at it.”  

As a member of the Saint Louis “Brotherhood”,  Meyer recognizes that his alumni status is  one of the reasons why the students are able to quickly build a level of trust when working with him.  

Working in tandem with Mr. Meyer, Mrs. Mary Sullivan-Tanaka, serves as the contact person with college admissions officers, coordinating their visits to the school.

 “I assist Mr. Meyer in managing the college visits, in addition to finding scholarships, and editing college essays,” clarifies Tanaka. 

In light of the efforts of Meyer and Tanaka, Crusaders are able to easily navigate their way through the college process with confidence. Senior Shane Domingsil shares how the department has played a role in his college admissions process. “Mr. Meyer made it (much) easier for me to go through the college process,” explains Domingsil. “I feel like it would take me five times longer if I didn’t get help from the college counseling available.”

However, the impact isn’t just being made on the students, it also is impacting the college counselor himself. “What I enjoy the most is seeing and hearing students get accepted into the university or universities that they’ve applied to,” beamed Meyer.  “It’s exciting! It’s motivating to keep doing what you’re doing and make some type of change or impact on a student’s life in some way.”  

With Meyer added to the mix of an already established college counseling department at Saint Louis School, it’s safe to say that the students are in good hands.  

Meyer reminds us to, “Push yourself out of that comfort zone a little bit because in the end it’ll help and benefit you not just in college but even in a career field down the road.”