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Crusader Intramural Sports offers another opportunity to compete


The Saint Louis Schools Physical Education Department recently introduced  Intramural Sports to students, giving Crusaders another opportunity to compete with other local schools. Physical Education teacher Herbert Antolin is the coordinator of the Crusader Intramural team. He encourages every young Crusader to get involved in this new sports program. “Intramurals are not only for athletes; everyone who enjoys physical activity is able to participate,” said Antolin. “If they want to make memorable experiences but more importantly have friendly competition and make new friends.”

Participating in intramural sports can be an excellent way for students to engage in physical activities and release pent-up energy in a fun and exciting way while also taking a break from their academic pursuits. “It gives the students an opportunity to enjoy physical education in a more relaxed and enjoyable way,” said Antolin. “It’s not as hectic as the high school and middle school sports but it still presents an intense competition. It also allowed the students to build a sense of community and well-being.”

The Crusader Intramural Team,  representing Saint Louis Schools, recently participated in a match against Waipahu. Seventh grader Kepanui Correa played a crucial role in the competition, helping his team compete against other schools with great enthusiasm and passion.  “ I felt good because our other team for Cornhole. They won the championship and I was cheering for them and everything,” expressed Correa. Although “my team lost in the semi-finals,t I still enjoyed my time with my brothers and being there.” 

The intramural sports program at Saint Louis School is designed not only to be enjoyable but also to help students build character and learn how to conduct themselves both on and off the field. “ I hope the student got from participating in intramural sports is Sportsmanship; it’s not always about winning but displaying respect; fair play and persistence,” expressed Antolin. “Not being a sore loser; being able to accept defeat and allowing students to learn from their mistakes rather than blaming their teammates.” 

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Zion Lefotu, a talented eighth-grade participant, has been actively participating in Intramural sports. Through his involvement, Zion has gained a wealth of invaluable experience and honed his athletic skills, allowing him to develop into a well-rounded individual. “Something that I would take away from being on the Crusader Intramural Team are the relationships you make,” shares Lefotu. “I know that I have brothers for life.”

Participating in sports not only helps students improve their physical fitness and learn teamwork but also provides opportunities to acquire valuable life skills and lessons. From developing leadership skills to learning perseverance and resilience, sports can be a powerful personal growth and development tool. “I learned some life experiences—social and communication skills, like making new friends. I also grew a stronger connection with my brothers that I was with,” said Correa. “Being on the Crusader Intramural team at Saint Louis has taught me that the more quality work you put in, the more quality results you will get,” said Lefotu.  “I use this in school as well and get amazing results.”

Lefotu encourages every student to participate in the popular intramural program. Even if a student does not play a competitive sport, anyone can join and enjoy the fun and excitement. Lefotu reminds us to take advantage of every opportunity. “[What] I would say to other students is: just try. You never know. You might like it.”

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Bunche Lemau, Staff Writer
“A North shore boy, from a small town, Waialau.” Bunche Lemau is a staff writer for The Collegian this year. Lemau has been at Saint Louis School since the eighth grade and is currently a right fielder for the varsity Crusader Baseball team. When not in school, he loves to spend his time bodyboarding.  “I like to “Spunj,” or bodyboard, and go to the beach.Lemau, is also a person who describes himself as “compassionate, humble, and very loved” by his Crusader friends and family. 

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