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SLS Aviation Students “Reach for the Sky”

Senior Judah Beyer gathers flight hours while study Aviation at Saint Louis.

At Saint Louis Schools, the faculty and staff highly encourage all students to continue their education beyond high school. However, they understand that college may not be the best fit for everyone, as there are alternative paths available after graduating high school.

Judah Beyer, a senior, is currently pursuing his pilot license and accumulating his flight hours, while enrolled in the Aviation class at Saint Louis School. After graduation, Beyer plans to attend the ATP flight school to realize his dream of becoming a pilot.  “I’ve always been fascinated by flying. After high school, I see aviation as the perfect way to turn that passion into a career,” Beyer Expressed. “ Both aviation class and flight school are providing me with the knowledge and hands-on experience I need to become a successful pilot. Aviation class teaches me the theory behind flying, while flight school allows me to apply that knowledge in the cockpit.”

Beyer is thrilled that he can take an Aviation class at Saint Louis Schools and simultaneously receive his flight training. It’s a perfect combination that works seamlessly for Beyer. “My current aviation studies and flight school training at Saint Louis are laying the groundwork for my immediate steps and future in the aviation industry after high school,” said Beyer. “They’re equipping me with the essential knowledge and practical skills needed to pursue a career as a pilot or in a related field. I see these experiences as the first steps toward achieving my goals in the aviation industry.”

Beyer has developed strong time-management skills that enable him to effectively balance his commitments as a student-athlete and flight school trainee. Beyer is always looking for ways to optimize his schedule and make the most of his time. “Balancing academic studies with flight training has been challenging at times, especially managing time effectively,” explained Beyer. “However, I’ve learned to prioritize tasks, utilize study schedules, and communicate with instructors to ensure I stay on top of both academic and flight training commitments. Additionally, staying organized and maintaining a positive mindset has been crucial in overcoming these challenges.”

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Throughout his flight school training, Beyer encountered several defining moments that significantly impacted his journey. These instances were critical in shaping his skills, knowledge, and overall experience as a pilot. Despite the challenges he faced, Beyer persevered and emerged as a better and more competent aviator, thanks to these pivotal moments. “ A pivotal moment during my flight school training was my introduction flight. This was a make-or-break moment for me,” Beyer revealed. “Thankfully, I loved this experience, and it made me want to pursue this career even more. I was scared at first because I hate heights, but it turns out I love being in the cockpit.” 

Brock Abellanida, a senior and student-athlete, is an ambitious student with a strong desire to become a successful pilot. His dedication and passion for aviation are truly commendable, and he is determined to make his dream a reality. “My dad sparked my interest in aviation; Aviation is a pretty long process, so it made me set a lot of short-term goals to fulfill to slowly make my way up to being a commercial pilot.”  

The aviation industry is facing an alarming scarcity of qualified pilots, leading to a significant impact on the sector’s growth and operations worldwide. Abellandia, being aware of the gravity of this situation, is committed to taking concrete measures to address this issue and make a positive impact on the aviation industry. “ I feel like it will open up many doors for me because, within the next 10 years, there will be a big pilot shortage, so for example, I could become a pilot at Southwest, Hawaiian, or maybe even United.”

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