In Memory of Kirk Elliot Kalanikuhonua Nahale


On Friday, September 1st, 2017, Kirk Elliot Kalanikuhonua Nahale passed away at the age of 55, he is a Saint Louis graduate of the class of 1980. Kirk and his brother in law, opened the restaurant ‘Kanak Attack’ in 1993. He later branched out on his own, opening ‘Kanak Attack Two’ in 2000. He was a big supporter of the school who donated a lot time and resources, giving the school large discounts on local delicacies for the students during special occasions and for the varsity football team. Kirk worked at KITV for over 20 years, until health issues forced him into an early retirement. Kirk was known for always having a positive attitude throughout the illness. He will be remembered for his positive smile, heart and his humor. Kirk was laid to rest Monday, September 25, 2017, at Diamond Head Memorial.

The news was passed around school about Mr. Nahale’s passing. I interviewed stundets and faculty about Kirk Nahale. Everyone sent their prayers out to the alumnus’ family. Mr. Los Banos knowing Kirk, expressed his thoughts, “He had a strong connection with Saint Louis. Donating and discounting his catering service.” Mr. Los Banos also shared about Kirk’s relationship with the school. Kirk had a large impact on the varsity football team, having Kanak Attack provide food before each game. We as a Saint Louis Ohana send our thoughts and prayers out to the alumni and his family. Kirk Elliot Kalanikuhonua Nahale will be remembered as a proud Crusader of Saint Louis.

He was a very generous and upbeat person. Being very good natured, even when times were tough.

— Tim Los Banos