Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Zach Jobe, Op-Ed

For couples, Valentine’s Day is often one of the most looked forward to holidays. People dress up in romantic colors such as red and pink and give their partners gifts of appreciation and affection. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a partner during this beloved holiday. So how do single people feel about the holiday? Do they feel as fond of it as others or do they believe it should not be celebrated?

People who are single during Valentine’s day are often not in favor, and many times are seen making excuses as to why it is a so-called dumb holiday. For example, Mogul states that “Valentine’s Day is too expensive.”  Not only is it too expensive, but also buying all the gifts will not satisfy them as much as the pure love from their partner would. I agree to this but Valentine’s Day is an extra excuse to go out and enjoy a day with your partner and have fun while knowing many others are doing the same thing. However, environmentalists see Valentine’s Day as a Holiday for wasting the earth’s natural beauty because so many flowers are purchased. If a person can get a sense of appreciation for the flowers which strengthen a relationship those flowers were not wasted but actually used efficiently. So I say that Valentine’s Day is a Holiday that should be respected and is one that can bring peace and love to the world that needs much more of it.


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