Himouto Umaru-Chan!

Aaron Yeh

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Himouto Umaru Chan! is a comedy anime series that takes place in Tokyo and focuses on a young high school student Umaru. She is good at everything from grades to athletics, and school clubs. The only thing is, whenever she gets home, she turns into a small, lazy, no good sister that doesn’t do anything except for snacking, playing video games, and throwing tantrums. This is called her “chibi” mode where she turns into a little brat.

This anime series contains many different and vibrant characters. There is Doma Umaru, she is the main character and spends most of her life not doing anything and just having fun. Then there is Umaru’s big brother, Doma Taihei. He works everyday to be able to provide for Umaru. He does everything from laundry and cooking. He is basically her father and scolds her when she is being a troublemaker. Umaru has a small group of friends and they always do things together: Nana Ebina, Sylphynford Tachibana, and Kirie Motoba. Ebine is a classmate of Umaru, formerly from Akita and is very very shy. Sylphynford came from Germany and moved to Japan to follow in her brother’s footsteps. Kirie comes across as a cold girl but really opened up to all of them especially Umaru, who she views Umaru as her teacher.


The artwork and comedy for this series is on point. The art style is very vibrant. Both the first and second season provide the same great animations and laughs. There weren’t any episodes where nothing was happening, this kept the flow of the story and made the anime easy to watch. There were a few negatives as well. For example, the second season mainly focused on the side characters and left the main characters with only half of the screen time. They also left off the second season with a type of ending that seemed like there was going to be more but got cutoff short.






The series was really well put together. The comedy had many quirky puns, and I honestly had a good time watching this. This is currently my favorite anime, and I was happy that they made a second season after the first season was popular. I would recommend this anime to anyone that wants to get some good laughs because you wont be dissapointed. Overall: 9.5/10 would watch again