Movie Review: The Upside

Trey Taba, Writer

The Upside serves as a remake to the 2011 French film, The Intouchables. Inspired by true story, The Upside is not shy about turning the trials and tribulations of a disability into punchlines. In this cast including Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston,and Nicole Kidman, the movie tells the tale of Phillip, a white and wealthy quadriplegic, andDell, the black parolee who restores his will to live. When Dell, who is a recently paroled convict somehow stumbles into a job as billionaire Phillip’s caregiver, he is rewarded with a jaw-dropping salary that he has never come close to seeing before, as well as a depressed patient in Phillip who needs more attention and entertainment, than care and cosset. In the end to this feel-good tale, Dell learns to appreciate the finer things in life, while Phillip learns to loosen up a little.

Although at times the film may seem offensive to some, with its race and stereotyping jokes, it was an overall entertaining and enjoyable movie. This is a film that has many life lessons that we can all think about and take in. The biggest message is that people should be more accepting and try not to look at everyone’s flaws, more importantly, to not let others opinions or thoughts get you down, and to live your life regardless of what others think of you. With lots of negativity and discrimination in the world, we must learn to look past these differences and be more accepting. The film presents this in a very positive way and makes you feel genuinely good at the end. The film has a great sense of humor, and although it has taken some ridicule, it is definitely worth the watch.