Loosen Up


  As full-time students we work very hard to get all our class and homework done, often studying for hours on end. It’s especially tricky for the student-athletes who practice for two to three hours every day. Our schedules are very busy with little free time, that’s why it is essential that we periodically have breaks, giving us time to decompress and relax. What I did was ask students what they did over spring break to “get away from it all.” Whether it be watching a movie, going to the beach, sleeping, hiking, etc. It’s a time when we can take our mind off of school and take it easy, and everything seems to slow down.

   The first person that I interviewed was Kaipo Panui, a senior baseball player. When asked what he did over spring break he responded as such, “I had to practice most of the time, but when I wasn’t practicing I would go to the beach to body surf.” He said he felt “centered” when he was out on the water, giving him a sense of peace. I then spoke with Nu’u Contrades a Junior Varsity Football player. Nu’u told me that he enjoys going to the gym in his free time, so during spring break, he spent most of his time working out. He mentioned that working out helps him channel any frustrations that he may have either in school, at home, or on the football field. The last student that I interviewed was Jacob Olaivar, a Crusader paddler. When asked what he did over spring break he said, “All the L.I.F.E. team members got to stay at a beach house in Ewa, it was one for the books. We bonded and became much closer with one another”.

   We all work very hard and definitely, deserve a break from time to time. What we do with our free time is up to us, whether we practice, have workouts, or hang out with friends as long as it helps us to regain focus and attention its all worth it. It’s not always about the destination but the journey to get there. If you can’t enjoy the trip to the destination you aren’t truly living, your just surviving, and what fun is that.