Vandalism In Snack Shop Bathroom


Colby Rhinelander, Feature Writer

Students were surprised to see when the main bathroom on campus was closed due to graffiti. I talked to students about this and they were quite disgruntled about having to walk down to the snack shop only to turn around and walk to the theater.

This was the first time seeing the bathroom locked up. Students didnʻt know what to suspect. I interviewed Coach Nai and he stated, “There were graffiti and vaping concerns in the bathroom and that if this keeps up he will shut down the bathrooms.” As a writer, I just want to inform our students how to take care of our bathrooms.

If we lose the bathrooms it will be our fault as students because we did this to ourselves. If you see someone doing something they are not supposed to in the bathrooms, tell them or inform a teacher. As students of the school, we should be doing basic actions such as flushing the toilet after using it. Maybe if we show we can take care of the bathroom, they will actually fix the sinks and locks on the stalls. We must rise to a new level of maturity in order to renovate our bathrooms and make this school a better place.