The Upcoming Wrestling Season

With State Champion Ansen Ursua


Joshua Agua

As the winter season approaches, a new wave of sports comes along. Wrestling is a renowned sport here at Saint Louis, and reigning state champ, Ansen Ursua, is eager for the season to begin. When asked what he was most excited about in the upcoming season, Ursua responded, “I think I am most excited about it being my last season. It’s sad that it’s the last year of my highschool career, but I intend to make the most out of it, cherishing everyday knowing that the season will go by quickly.”

With the physical demands of wrestling come vigorous workout and diet routines. Every wrestler must “make weight” or they will have to wrestle in another weight class, or risk not wrestling at all. “I prepare by training constantly and eating healthy,” Ursua said. “This is how I maintain my weight.”

In addition to maintaining weight and strengthening physical fitness, many other challenges are faced throughout the season. “My biggest struggle would have to be staying disciplined. It will be hard to stick to my diet and workout routine with all the other things going on in my life,” states Ursua. When asked about the pressure of last year’s triumph as state champion, he responded, “I feel a little pressured, being that I hope to win again this upcoming season. There is a target on my back because I won last year, but I am confident in my skills.” 

Although Ursua is very focused on his wrestling career, he is also apart of Hui O Nā ʻOpio, a competitive hula halau for Saint Louis School. Ursua has danced at the Merrie Monarch festival, the highest form of hula competition, for three consecutive years with the halau. Although he is  a busy man, Ursua states, “I manage to fit hula on my days off of wrestling practice. I am always communicating with my kumu about days I will be able to attend practices and shows. I manage my academic work during the little free time I have. I also constantly ask for assignments on days I will miss school, and take advantage of any extra credit opportunities available. Don’t wait for opportunity, create it.”