Congrats Ryder!


Saint Louisʻ very own, Ryder Maeda, has made it to states for varsity air riflery. His consistent accuracy and dedication to the sport have rewardingly propelled him into the state finals. This is his first time making it this far.


One of Maeda’s role models is Jack Tatum, better known as “The Assassin”. He looks up to him because Tatum had sparked a fire and became a leader for all safeties. Ryder hopes to do the same in air riflery. What he enjoys most about air riflery is that it takes vast amounts of focus and precision. He believes that the best part of competing is having fun and enjoying yourself. “You have to live a little,” said Ryder. His teammates play a big role in having fun. He says they love to play around.


Before each match, he listens to music to hype himself up. It helps him to get in the right mindset so he can perform well. When Ryder performs well, the emotion he feels is happiness. Heʻs satisfied and content. He wishes that his parents watch his every match because they mean so much to him. When asked who or what motivates him, he answers with, “himself.” Each day he wakes up to be a better man. He would like to thank his family and coaches for helping him make it this far, as well as the rest of his supporters and brothers.


When asked if he had a favorite quote, he said, “The only way to prove that you’re a good sport is to lose.” – Ernie Banks