Senior Spotlight: Cormac Hurley


Joshua Agua

There are many students at Saint Louis but there is no other than Cormac Hurley. Cormac is a special student. He partakes in a lot of clubs and activities at school and has no time to fool around. That is how he remains in such high academic standing. Cormac’s favorite subject in school is psychology. “I like to understand why people do what they do. I also like to understand how people think.” 

Cormac is a part of the Saint Louis’ Center for the Arts. He enjoys the community and bonding experience you get when joining theatre. He likes the fact that he also gets to meet new people. “Everyone in the theatre is good people. When you can get up and sing in front of people you can become comfortable with these people. I also like to understand the psychology of theatre. The psychology of understanding the characters in the show and affecting and moving the audience.” Cormac said. This is not a new experience for him. Cormac has starred in other school plays such as “Sister Act”, “Footloose”, “Mary Poppins Jr.”, “Chicago”, “Frozen Jr.”, and the upcoming play” Aida”. He also has been in Regional theatre productions of, “Newsies” and “The Sound of Music.”


Cormac is also an athlete. He is a part of the Saint Louis Lacrosse team. He has joined this team when he was a sophomore and when he has time he continues working on his craft. “I love the strategy of learning how to play the field. I also like the bond that is created when working collectively as a team.” Not to mention Cormac is also in many clubs here at Saint Louis. Cormac is a part of multiple clubs here at Saint Louis. He is the President of the N.H.S. or National Honor Society. “I make sure everyone does their job properly and on schedule so that we can have a successful club.” Cormac is also part of the Saint Louis L.I.F.E. Team or otherwise known as the “Living In Faith Experience”. “I enjoy getting closer to God while at the same time getting closer to my brothers. I like the opportunity of being a leader in this school and getting to know others on a closer level.” Cormac is also a part of the Spanish Club at Saint Louis, where he is the President. He enjoys learning about Spanish culture and heritage while also doing hands-on learning. While also exploring the Spanish culinary arts. Finally, Cormac is a part of the International Club. “I like to explore other cultures while hanging with my friends.” Finally, Cormac is the president of the Speech and Debate club. “I like this club because of the uniqueness of putting a bunch of work into creating a story and being successful with it.” 

On top of all that Cormac still manages to get all his homework done. Cormac uses a planner to manage his work. He doesn’t procrastinate, he has a lot of late nights. Any free time he has, he wants to get his work done. He says, “Grades and school are of great importance to me. At times I find it hard to manage my work, depending on the workload I receive. However, I always find a way to complete my work.” However, it’s all work with Cormac. He enjoys playing video games. He likes to play, “Minecraft”, “Overwatch”, and his favorite game of all is “Rainbow Six Siege” He enjoys seeing other musicals that are being put on around the island. “I like to see other plays because I like the art of theatre and see how people interpret scripts. I like seeing different stories and how they are portrayed.”  

Finally, when this year ends Cormac intends to go to college, yet he is still undecided. However, he wants to study psychology, philosophy, and theatre. “I am keeping an open mind when it comes to my future, you never know where the path may take you.” A quote that keeps him going is, “I didn’t invent the rainy day, but I did bring the best umbrella.”- Jimmy Fallon. “I like this quote because it reminds me to be optimistic and to work hard even when it seems tough or even impossible.”