‘Locke & Key’ Review


Christopher Paik, Feature Writer



With everything going on, like the quarantine, you’re going to want to find something to keep yourself busy and entertained, so what better way to spend your time than binging a Netflix show? While there is such a variety of shows and movies to choose from, the overwhelming collection Netflix provides often makes it hard to pick which one to decide on. This, plus the fact that ‘friends’ recently left the streaming service, pushed me to find a show that was both time consuming and interesting to watch. After looking (scrolling) for a while on Netflix, I found this mystery/thriller sci-fi series called ‘Locke & Key’. 

The show is based on the popular comic series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. The series follows the Locke family that inherits an ancestral home after a mysterious family death. Whilst there the children find special keys that grant them special specific powers such as teleportation or telepathy. So the series follows the respective characters and how they use the keys in their everyday lives while also delving deeper into the history of these magical items. 



The story is very interesting and the graphics/effects are stunning. There are underlying mini plots in the story that make the show very enjoyable to watch. It includes with stories about the teenage brother and sister’s highschool experience, the younger brother’s exploits in the new house along with the keys within, and the murder mystery that brought them to the house.

Though many, including me, found the show delightful, many die hard fans of the original comics criticize the diluting of the details to make it a more family friendly series, seeing that the comics were infamous for being quite gory and horrific. But, despite this minor detail, I believe that this show is quite interesting and makes for a great Netflix ‘binge-sesh’.