Teacher Spotlight: Gerald Welch


Brian Cox, Feature Editor

There is an abundance of great educators at Saint Louis. However, Gerald Welch stands out significantly amongst the faculty at Saint Louis school. Now in his fourth year of teaching at Saint Louis, Mr. Welch has enjoyed teaching the elementary students and being a mentor for the future crusaders. Mr. Welch teaches second grade and educates his students in all subjects which is extremely impressive. As a Saint Louis graduate, Mr. Welch finds great joy in creating relationships with his students and guiding them onto a path for success. As an elementary school teacher, Mr. Welch finds it imperative that he sets the foundation of their learning habits and character in order to shape them into the Saint Louis men they are destined to become. He understands that “boys will be boys” and is always ready for challenges regarding teaching. Mr. Welch recalls a time when his Saint Louis teacher’s made a huge impact on his life and he is determined to do the same for his students. The young crusaders are intelligent and Mr. Welch loves the “aha” moments he experiences when teaching his students.

As a Saint Louis graduate, Mr. Welch bleeds red and blue! He is a proud alumnus of the class of 2000 and decided to teach in order to give back to his alma mater. Saint Louis constantly preaches and is founded upon brotherhood. When asked what he thinks about the brotherhood Mr. Welch responded, “The brotherhood is real. As you go through school you learn about people but it is beyond high school when the closeness kicks in. You build relationships and unfortunately, people drift apart

but Saint Louis and the brotherhood bonds us to come back together. It is a testament of true friendships”. Much has changed since Mr. Welch had attended Saint Louis such as the dress code, new uniforms, shirt and tie Wednesday, and new facilities like the locker room, weight room, and LTC.

Mr. Welch is so much more than a teacher, he is also a father and an outstanding coach for the Crusader football team. He was born and raised in Kahuku and married the love of his life Dominque who is also an educator. Mr. Welch is a father of four and has two sons attending Saint Louis which makes him extremely proud. He finds great happiness and pride in having his sons experience the same opportunities he had while attending Saint Louis. As an athlete, Coach Welch excelled and was one of the state’s top receivers. He later graduated from UH in 2004 and began finding love for teaching. As a receiver and slot coach for the Crusaders, Coach Welch finds that teaching and coaching are one and the same. He enjoys getting the best out of his students and athletes. As a coach, Coach Welch loves to goal set and plan for success. Other than teaching and coaching, Mr. Welch loves to golf, specifically at turtle bay. However, coaching and teaching have become the second biggest part of his life behind his family. 

Mr. Welch is an outstanding role model for all Saint Louis students to follow. He is the ideal Saint Louis gentleman and it shows through his actions. Not many people can be a father, husband, teacher, and coach and excel in all aspects of them. Mr. Welch is truly one of the best educators and encourages his students to walk with God and be mindful and faithful. Matthew 17:20 states that “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed…you can move mountains”. Mr. Welch strongly believes and preaches to his students that with faith you can do whatever you want in life. Go, Crusaders!