Winter Sports Athletes are honored in Assembly


Winter sport teams competed in fun activities during the assembly.

Matthew Grant, Staff Writer

The recent Winter Sports Assembly recognized the athletes who participated in winter sports.  Winter sports  athletes who were honored in the assembly shared their thoughts about their season.

“I paddled for the winter season,” said senior Moki Lebbon. “[Paddling] definitely added to me as a person and added to my adaptability to playing new sports.”

Teams were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun activities during the assembly.  In one of the most popular events, each Winter Sports team transported a teammate across the basketball court on a table while riding on a table! “It was really fun,” shares senior Vance Akau. “The activity felt like something different. I wouldn’t have changed anything!” 

The Winter Sports Assembly gave everyone a chance to honor these Crusader athletes, while creating activities which gave students, at all grade levels, a chance to work as a team, celebrate the bonds between teammates and, especially, to have fun!