Is todays food really healthier?


Zach Jobe, Op-Ed

Today we see labels everywhere saying “Fat-free” or “diet” but is it really healthier than the things without these labels? People in supermarkets all around the world-especially America are being fooled into believing that these natural things that god put on earth for a reason are not healthy and are the reasons why we are overweight and have health problems. Yet, if we look at the backside of these labels we find that many of these products contain ingredients the average person has never seen as well as being unpronounceable. It is common sense to know that something man-made is obviously not going to be healthier than something god put on earth for us with the intention of prospering and being in good health. Which brings me to the next point of what does healthy really mean.

The word healthy is overused in health magazines and papers in the United States. The FDA has poisoned us to believe that to be healthy it has to be this certain number. Which is why studies go back and forth debating whether eggs are healthy or not. When in fact they are good for us. Just because something has lots of fats like eggs or nuts they contain good fats essential to our everyday diets. Instead of worrying about what is healthy, look at what is nutritious and gives your body the things it is supposed to eat.

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