The Effects of Dorian


Hurricane Dorian on record is the most devastating hurricane that has ever hit the Bahamas. Hurricane Dorian was a Category 5 hurricane that ripped through not only the Bahamas but also the United States all the way up to Canada. Dorian had winds of up to 185 miles per hour causing a wake of destruction in its path. 47 plus people died in the Bahamas due to this devastating hurricane along with that property damage prices rose into the 7 billions. 

However, after the hurricane passed, the people of the Bahamas now face new threats. Threats such as the lack of fresh water, access to toilets, access to medication, and the risk of diseases. Places in the Bahamas that were hit hardest are already suffering from cuts and gashes due to all the debris and wreckage that is still left. Also people are starting to suffer from gastrointestinal problems because of the water contamination. Many people who have diabetes and high blood pressure are struggling because they can’t find medical treatment. Also, if the water from the hurricane doesn’t drain and becomes stagnant it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Therefore if the mosquito population does rise it can call for an increase in diseases such as malaria, dengue, and zika.


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