Coronavirus Impacting Soccer

Beau Aquino

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May 10, 2021
Coronavirus Impacting Soccer

Coronavirus Impacting Soccer

As we all know, Covid-19 has done a significant amount of damage worldwide. It has especially “affected” one of the people’s favorite forms of entertainment, sports. One sport that the pandemic is affecting the most is Soccer. As the soccer world continues to feel the impact at all levels from youth soccer to the professional league, questions are still rising about how the game itself will play out. A majority of places are trying to make it work, however other places will be delayed or the sport itself will not continue due to how Covid has affected the area.

How would practices play out?COVID-19. Portrait of a young football player wearing face mask due to coronavirus pandemic.

In order for teams to have a season, safety measures will definitely need to be taken. Masks would have to be worn by everybody, no matter the scenario. Coaches would have to make a set amount of drills for players and split them up accordingly. Each drill could have only so many players in one group and physical contact would have to be avoided until game day. Sanitizing equipment and preventing players from touching any equipment that is not theirs is important, to avoid spreading and contracting the virus. Otherwise, players would have to constantly sanitize, and as the season goes by, players would have to keep getting tested.


Soccer player Jogging and jump between cone markers on green artificial turf for soccer training.

While there is a chance that soccer will return for most, practices would have to start slow, people will have to adjust, and maybe then physical contact during practices can happen once again. However, that idea can only happen if no breakouts occur and everyone is testing negative. This will be a long, difficult process, as something can always happen which will end the season completely. 


We can never guarantee anything, and as we are moving closer to 2021, we will most likely still be seeing the effects of Covid-19. For the soccer community, this really takes a toll on all levels of play. Youth soccer is not guaranteed dues to how they will manage everyone. Depending on the high schools may not be able to advance due to financial hardship. Same for professional soccer, as some teams don’t want to risk it all and well have to figure another way out. 


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