Why Should You Join The Marianist LifeTeam?


Christopher Determan, Writer

Before you can join the LIFE team, what is the LIFE team? How will it benefit me and my future? Is there even the point.

According to the Marianist LIFE website “Marianist LIFE (Living In Faith Experience) is a national faith-formation program rooted in Catholic and Marianist tradition and targeted to the needs of high school students. LIFE offers students an opportunity for fellowship and fun in a caring, upbeat context.” The LIFE team is an amazing experience and brings you to a closer relationship with God and with your Saint Louis Brothers. 

The LIFE team has not only benefited me with my relationship with God but also with many of my other LIFE brothers who have also benefited from the LIFE team. I asked Jason Delgado an honor roll student and well-respected member of the LIFE team about how the program has benefited him and he said “The LIFE team has brought a lot of happiness into my life, I think the 2021 LIFE team is doing a great job at finding solutions to the challenges that have been thrown at us. We are trying very hard to follow our mission statement ‘We the people of the Saint Louis School 2020-2021 Marianist LIFE Team strive to create safe places to form our faith through religious discussions, grow together as a school, continue to be mindful and faithful, and promote mutual respect through the Marianist LIFE communities. By engaging with the community we aim to involve everyone and strengthen our society as a whole. We will achieve these goals by being open to discussion through the use of videos, team bonding activities, and community service with the intention to uphold the values of Saint Louis School.’ And I hope the future LIFE teams will take what we have learned from this year and make it better.”

The real ‘point’ of the LIFE team is to find God and challenge your beliefs, all while building a community throughout Saint Louis School. It is an amazing and beautiful experience that everyone should be a part of and that is why you should join Marianist LIFE.

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